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The Wends in Canada | Volunteers' Role

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The Wends in Canada

The Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Group is volunteering to be a clearinghouse for anyone interested in the genealogy of this special group — The Canadian Wends. Read about the Wends in Canada, why UOVGG is interested and contact email for more information.

Our experience shows us that Wends may have relocated to other parts of Canada and the United States and the Group would like to hear from these wanderers.

Volunteers' Role

We encourage anyone who is interested in Upper Ottawa Valley genealogy to assist by transcribing or proof-reading cemetery and census records.  It is through the generous assistance of volunteers that we can make this data more readily available to the genealogy community.

This can also be an excellent project for students to improve skills such as:
- co-operating in a group project
- using computers and microfilm readers
- appreciating the importance of proof-reading
- developing an appreciation of the lives and occupations in the 19th century.
One Renfrew County teacher has had positive results from cemetery and census recording projects.