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Business Number / Registration Number 879506616RR0001

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UOVGG Mailing Address:

UOVGG, 222 Dickson Street, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada K8A 2X3

UOVGG Phone Contact:

Phil Lehman, 613-735-2554, voicemail messaging is available

UOVGG E-mail:

All e-mail contact is now through the enquiries@uovgg.ca e-mail address.


Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Group Facebook Pages

The UOVGG Executive and Staff List

Chairperson Terri Saunders Pembroke
Past Chair Don Barrington Deep River
Library Co-ordinator Margriet Turner Pembroke
Secretary Beth Adams Pembroke
Treasurer Margriet Turner Pembroke
Directors at Large
Ann Frketich Deep River
Hank Vaillancourt Pembroke
Phil Lehman Pembroke
Committee Coordinators
Membership Holly Woermke Pembroke
Programs Terri Saunders Pembroke
Timberline Editor Beth Adams Pembroke
Webmaster Dave Smith Deep River
Publicity vacant
Publisher vacant
Publication Sales Phil Lehman Pembroke

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